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Altus Community Healthcare is the largest emergency services provider in Texas, including 27 freestanding emergency rooms and micro-hospitals. Our mission is to save lives in emergency situations by providing world-class care from highly trained physicians and staff. Altus is backed by a seasoned healthcare private equity group, ZT Corporate, a Houston-based firm with 25+ years of proven success delivering breakthrough growth and scaling healthcare facilities while remaining financially disciplined. We have a strategic growth roadmap to reach 100+ facilities in the next three years.

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  1. 2003

    Inception of Altus Health in Houston, Imaging, Sleep, and Surgery facilities

  2. 2007

    Altus expands to Beaumont, Imaging, Sleep, and Surgery facilities

  3. 2009

    Altus expands to Baytown: Imaging , Sleep, and Surgery facilities

  4. 2010

    Altus Houston facility expansion

  5. 2013

    Developed Altus Emergency Centers: Baytown & Lumberton

  6. 2014

    Altus Emergency Centers expansion:

    • Lake Jackson

    • Conversion of Baytown Surgery Center into Altus Baytown Hospital

  7. 2015

    Acquired additional ERs under Altus ER Holdco.

  8. 2018

    Altus ER expansion – Acquisition of Neighbors Emergency Centers:

    • 6 locations

    • Altus infusion and Altus pharmacy exited

    • Altus Hospice and Home Health exited

  9. 2020

    Consolidated hospitals, Altus ERs, Neighbor ERs, and IPUs into Community Healthcare

  10. 2021

    Altus Community Healthcare acquired Austin ERs:

    • 6 ERs and 1 urgent care

    • Pine Peak Healthcare divested

  11. 2023

    Acquired 14 ERs from Exceptional Emergency Center

    Altus Community Healthcare Real Estate Exit

Key Healthcare
Portfolio Exits

26 Years

Of Stellar
Healthcare Services Execution

Altus Infusion

Return (MOIC) 9.2x

Scaled $5M revenue rheumatology infusion provider business to $210M within six years. Geographical footprint of infusion management suites was expanded from one state to twenty-two states. At the time of exit in 2018 to a healthcare PE firm, it was the largest privately held rheumatology infusion provider in US. Generated 9.2x Multiple on Invested Capital.

Pine Peak Healthcare/Altus Hospitals

Return (MOIC) 1.3x

Strategically managed growth through de novo build outs and acquisitions of surgical hospitals in Texas. Altus/Pine Peak hospital platform was the largest privately held hospital group in Texas at the time of exit.

Altus Hospice and Home Health

Return (MOIC) 1.3-4x

Built the largest privately held hospice and home health (post-acute) provider in Texas over a period of 7 years and exited to a strategic buyer.