ZT Baseball National Prospects Team Wins Two National Titles in Summer 2024

In an extraordinary display of talent and determination, the ZT Baseball National Prospects Team clinched two prestigious national titles during the summer of 2024. This remarkable achievement has not only solidified its reputation as a powerhouse in youth baseball, but has also showcased the depth of talent and commitment within the organization.

A Season of Excellence
The journey to these national titles began early in the season, with the team demonstrating consistent excellence in regional tournaments and showcases. Under the expert guidance of head coach Carlos Avila, the players honed their skills, focused on teamwork and embraced a winning mindset. Their efforts resulted in a summer filled with thrilling victories and memorable performances.

ZT Corporate Gives Back
The team’s accomplishments are the culmination of ZT Corporate’s desire to give back to the community. Established in 1997, ZT Corporate is a private equity firm with a dynamic portfolio in healthcare services and automotive dealerships. Driven by his love for America’s pastime, ZT Corporate CEO Taseer Badar founded ZT Baseball in 2017.

ZT Baseball provides opportunities and exposure for young players, while competing at the highest level, instilling discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship and honesty. The coaches focus on developing the skills needed for college placement, while creating an affordable and economical option for players and their families. The organization has over 100 teams and 130 coaches throughout the nation.

The First Title:
Emphasizing a high-energy, team-oriented approach, the ZT National Prospects team won the 13U National Championship crown in June, defeating 15 other stellar squads from across the country competing in Cary, North Carolina. ZT National dominated the tournament, with Nathan Handley-White, Tre’ Lawrence, Brody Taylor and Nateo “Monster” Victorio earning All-Tournament recognition for outstanding performance.

The Second Title: 13U National Invitational Championship
Within 24 hours of celebrating its championship in North Carolina, the ZT team joined the best 36 teams in the country to compete for the 2024 13U National Invitational Championship in Chesterfield, Missouri. Victorio’s thrilling walk-off hit with the bases loaded and one out in the bottom of the final inning gave the ZT National Prospects 13U National team a hard-fought championship. They defeated a solid Texas 12 squad that advanced through the winners’ bracket. The resilient ZT team grinded it out, advancing through the consolation bracket of the double-elimination tournament – winning six games in two days in the 100-degree heat of late June to earn its shot at a second national title in 2024.

Coach Avila praised the effort and dedication of his players as the heart and soul of the team came together in the clutch. “Honestly, this championship is a credit to the boys. They did it. I told them if they wanted it, go get it. And they wanted it. Now, we’re national champions. I’m so proud of each and every one of them.”

“We’re very happy,” Badar said following the six-day tournament and big win. “We had some Super Bowl hangover, after winning in Cary. Everyone was a little tired, but the kids collected themselves and pushed through. From the beginning, we set out to help kids, and I think we helped a lot of them.”

A Bright Future Ahead
Winning two national titles in one summer is a testament to the talent and hard work of the players, coaches and support staff of the ZT Baseball National Prospects Team. These victories have not only brought pride to the organization, but have also highlighted the potential of these young athletes.

The team’s success has sparked excitement within the baseball community, with many scouts and college recruiters taking notice of the talent within the ZT program. For the players, these achievements are just the beginning. As they continue to develop their skills and gain valuable experience, the future looks incredibly bright.

Importance of Community Support
All season long, the community rallied behind the team with unwavering support for the players and coaches. In assessing the season, Coach Avila emphasized how important this was to the team. “Our success is a reflection of the support we’ve received from our families, friends and fans,” he said. “We couldn’t have achieved this without them.”

The ZT Baseball National Prospects Team’s summer of 2024 will be remembered as a season of triumph and inspiration. The journey to winning two national titles is a story of talent, hard work and the unbreakable spirit of young athletes striving for greatness. As they look ahead to future seasons, the team remains committed to excellence and is poised to continue its winning legacy.